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Honor Guard

The most visible segment of our Post is the Honor Guard, which participates in and provides full military honors at funerals, flag commemorations, parades and various holiday and civic functions.

The Honor Guard is constantly looking for new members so that we can continue our dedicated service to our community and the Veterans who served our Country.  Honor Guard members receive no government funding, no pay. They do it as a patriotic duty for those who served the United States.

The Honor Guard conducts full military honors when requested.  A three (3) volley salute using M-1 rifles, playing of Taps with a live bugler, and folding and presenting the flag to the next of kin. The service is performed free of charge and is self-funded by donations, and monies from members of the VFW.  In addition, members of the Honor Guard have paid their own expenses, such as gas, food, and maintaining their uniforms.

Honor Guard